Career changes in engineering practice: A survey validation study

Call for Participants

To accomplish the aims of the BeLongEng project, the Project Team are developing a survey to capture information such as the work that engineers do, their work environments, and how these change with time as well as other aspects that might affect an individual's progression throughout this career. 

An important part of survey development is the testing of the questions and this is the purpose of this study. It is really important for us to get the feedback of various individuals from the field of engineering so that we can test whether the developed survey captures the work experiences of engineers correctly. By participating in this survey you can then choose to go into the draw to win one of many $50 grocery vouchers.

Time commitment

Involvement in this study involves the completion of one online survey in which you will be asked about aspects related to your career. This survey will take about 45 to 50 minutes to complete. We know this seems long, but the information gathered is key for capturing engineering practices accurately and your contribution is greatly appreciated. 

Research team

The Pilot Study is being carried out by Jessica Richards under the supervision of Enda Crossin, Katharina Naswall, and Fleur Pawsey. They will be pleased to discuss any questions you may have about participation in the project.

Ethics Approval

This project has been reviewed and approved by the University of Canterbury Human Ethics Committee HEC Ref: HEC 2021/41. 

How to participate

To take part in the Pilot Study, please click the link below. You will then be redirected to a Qualtrics survey.


Join the Pilot Study
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