Data Access Application

External researchers from Australian or New Zealand based research institutions can apply to access data from BeLongEng participants. An application process is in place to protect the privacy of study participants and to ensure that only data are used appropriately.

External researchers who wish to conduct research with BeLongEng participant data need to make a formal Data Access Application. The process is outlined below.

1.    External researcher(s) must attend a Data Access Workshop either face to face or online. Please contact the BeLongEng Principal Investigator to arrange a session.
2.    External researcher completes the Data Access Application (below) and submit this to the BeLongEng Principal Investigator. PDF or printed versions will not be accepted.
3.    The Access Application will be reviewed by the BeLongEng Project team.
4.    Pending the outcome from (3), the Access Application will be reviewed by the University of Canterbury’s Human Research Ethics Committee.
5.    Required changes to the Data Access Application arising from (3) or (4) will be communicated back to the applicant. Resubmissions will be reviewed using steps (3) or (4), depending on the nature of the feedback.
6.    Pending the outcomes from (4), the external researcher’s Institution enters into a Data Access Agreement with the University of Canterbury, with the approved Data Access Application serving as a Schedule to the Data Access Agreement.
7.    Data access will be provided to the external researcher following the execution of the Data Access Agreement.

Any changes to an approved Access Application will be subject to steps 2 to 6 above.

Download Data Access Application form

BeLongEng Data Dictionary

To cite the data dictionary (APA):

Crossin, E., Dart, S., Gardner, A., Naswall, K., Pawsey, F. & Richards, J. (2022). BeLongEng Data Dictionary. Baseline Survey 2022. Version 1.0. University of Canterbury, Retrieved (retrieval date ), from 

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